"BAKERU" Project


Taking the local performing arts of Tohoku as its theme, “BAKERU” was selected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in the newly established category of performing arts within the fiscal 2019 Program to Foster Children through Culture and Arts: Traveling Performances Project.The project aims to nurture future artists and audiences and to contribute to the creation of outstanding culture and arts by providing opportunities for elementary and junior high school students across the country to experience the culture and the arts.WOW has produced a special class, “BAKERU School,” tailored to elementary school class hours. The first day of the class will feature an introduction to the local performing arts of Tohoku and a live performance of the Gyozan-ryu Maikawa Shishi Odori dance, along with the creation of original masks that give shape to the story by the children themselves. The second day will feature the masks in a “BAKERU” experience and a hands-on class in technologies that support the media arts. The class aims to direct children’s attention to the traditions and culture of their regions, and to acquire literacy in the media arts.

Creative Director : Kaoru KudoPlanner : Hiroki Sato / Daisuke Takahira / Masaya Yamada (tateito-yokoito llc.)Programmer : Atsushi Yoshimura / Hiroki SatoProducer : Takuya InagakiCoordinator : Masaya Yamada / Shutaro Koiwa (tateito-yokoito llc.)Cast : Tokyo shishi-odoriCooperation : Maehara elementary school (Koganei-shi, Tokyo)Video StaffCameraman : Qsyum LLC.Edtitor : Rin MatsunagaDirector : Daisuke Takahira